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Port Information

Address: 26 Bach Dang St. Da Nang Vietnam

E-mail: cangdn@dng.vnn.vn


Phone: 84 511 821 114

Fax: 84 511 822 565

Corporate Office: 26 Bach Dang St. Da Nang Vietnam

Annual Cargo Tonnage: 2.7 million tons

Annual Container Volume: 61.9 thousand TEUs

Da Nang Port lies at the south end of a bay off the South China Sea in east central Vietnam some 622 kilometers north-northeast of Saigon Port in Ho Chi Min City. One of the country's biggest cities, Da Nang Port has an excellent harbor enclosed to the east by the Tien Sa Peninsula and Cape Da Nang. In 2008, about 900 thousand people lived in Da Nang Port.

Country Requirements & Restrictions
NO ACCEPTANCE: - Logs, sawn wood or timber extracted from domestic natural forests; firewood and charcoal; and products and by-products made from timber of domestic natural forests - Addictive drugs - Toxic Chemicals

Number of free days

LineContainerStandard Free DaysslabsWeekly change %
safmarine20'dry71/70 USD
safmarine20'dry78/1011.4 USD
safmarine20'dry711/1420.9 USD
safmarine20'dry715-2941.8 USD
safmarine20'dry730 onwards57 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC71/70 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC78/1022.8 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC711/1441.8 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC715-2983.6 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC730 onwards114 USD
safmarine20' reefer71/70 USD
safmarine20' reefer78 onwards83.6 USD
safmarine40' reefer71/70 USD
safmarine40' reefer78 onwards83.6 USD
CMA2071/70 USD
CMA2078/1414 USD
CMA20715>26 USD
CMA4071/70 USD
CMA4078/1428 USD
CMA40715>52 USD
CMA40HC71/70 USD
CMA40HC78/1428 USD
CMA40HC715>52 USD
CMA20 Reefer61/60 USD
CMA20 Reefer67/935 USD
CMA20 Reefer610>63 USD
CMA40 Reefer61/60 USD
CMA40 Reefer67/980 USD
CMA40 Reefer610>140 USD
CMA40HC Reefer61/60 USD
CMA40HC Reefer67/980 USD
CMA40HC Reefer610>140 USD
cosco2081/80 USD
cosco2089/2015 USD
cosco20821>25 USD
cosco4081/80 USD
cosco4089/2030 USD
cosco40821>50 USD
cosco40HC81/80 USD
cosco40HC89/2030 USD
cosco40HC821>50 USD
cosco20 Reefer61/60 USD
cosco20 Reefer67/1040 USD
cosco20 Reefer611>50 USD
cosco40 Reefer61/60 USD
cosco40 Reefer67/1050 USD
cosco40 Reefer611>60 USD
cosco40HC Reefer61/60 USD
cosco40HC Reefer67/1050 USD
cosco40HC Reefer611>60 USD
Hapag2051/50 VND
Hapag2055>313,200 VND
Hapag2056>626,400 VND
Hapag4051/50 VND
Hapag4055>626,400 VND
Hapag4056>1,252,800 VND
Hapag40HC51/50 VND
Hapag40HC55>626,400 VND
Hapag40HC56>1,252,800 VND
Hapag20 Reefer31/30 VND
Hapag20 Reefer35>1,169,280 VND
Hapag20 Reefer36>2,338,560 VND
Hapag40 Reefer31/30 VND
Hapag40 Reefer35>- VND
Hapag40 Reefer36>4,677,120 VND
Hapag40HC Reefer31/30 VND
Hapag40HC Reefer35>- VND
Hapag40HC Reefer36>4,677,120 VND
maersk2071/70 USD
maersk2078/1011.4 USD
maersk20711/1420.9 USD
maersk20715-2941.8 USD
maersk20730+57 USD
maersk4071/70 USD
maersk4078/1022.8 USD
maersk40711/1441.8 USD
maersk40715-2983.6 USD
maersk40730+114 USD
maersk40 Reefer71/70 USD
maersk40 Reefer78/1022.8 USD
maersk40 Reefer711/1441.8 USD
maersk40 Reefer715-2983.6 USD
maersk40 Reefer730+114 USD
maersk40 Reefer71/70 USD
maersk40 Reefer78/1083.6 83.6
maersk40 Reefer711/1483.6 USD
maersk40 Reefer715-2983.6 USD
maersk40 Reefer730+83.6 USD
maersk20 Reefer71/70 USD
maersk20 Reefer78/1083.6 USD
maersk20 Reefer711/1483.6 USD
maersk20 Reefer715-2983.6 USD
maersk20 Reefer730+83.6 USD

Country Requirements & Restrictions
NO ACCEPTANCE: IMPORT: - POD Haiphong / Cai Lan and commodity is Frozen offal and by products; genital organs/ parts, lung, spleen of poultry, livestock, mixing packing offal/ by products - Plastic scraps all kinds/ Plastic, plastic articles, used (HS code: 003205) - Used tyres, used rubber (HS code: 003211) - Used batteries - Used bicycles - Complete-knocked-down cars with right-side driving wheel - Liquid in plastic/metal tanks placed inside shipping line’s container - Cattle horns (all kinds) - Used office equipment - Products and materials that contain asbestos of the amphibole group - Used e-goods/ Used household equipment/ Used office equipment - Fire crackers of all kinds - Depraved and reactionary cultural goods - Wildlife/ Rare fauna/ Flora ACCEPTANCE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL/ CONDITIONS - General frozen goods except commodities under "No acceptance" with POD Haiphong / Cai Lan - Used vehicles and used spare parts - Used consumer goods but only as travelling property or personnel effects of those who enjoy diplomatic status or work for international organizations

Number of free days

LineContainerStandard Free DaysslabsWeekly change %
safmarine20' dry31/30 USD
safmarine20' dry34/711.4 USD
safmarine20' dry38/1420.9 USD
safmarine20' dry315-2941.8 USD
safmarine20' dry330 onwards57 USD
safmarinedry 40 & 40 HC31/30 USD
safmarinedry 40 & 40 HC34/722.8 USD
safmarinedry 40 & 40 HC38/1441.8 USD
safmarinedry 40 & 40 HC315-2983.6 USD
safmarinedry 40 & 40 HC330 onwards114 USD
safmarine20' reefer31/30 USD
safmarine20' reefer34/775.6 USD
safmarine20' reefer38 onwards75.6 USD
safmarine40'reefer31/30 USD
safmarine40'reefer34/784.4 USD
safmarine40'reefer38 onwards84.4 USD
CMA2031/30 USD
CMA2034/716 USD
CMA2038/1121 USD
CMA20312/1526 USD
CMA20316>31 USD
CMA4031/30 USD
CMA4034/732 USD
CMA4038/1142 USD
CMA40312/1552 USD
CMA40316>62 USD
CMA40HC31/30 USD
CMA40HC34/732 USD
CMA40HC38/1142 USD
CMA40HC312/1552 USD
CMA40HC316>62 USD
CMA20 Reefer51/50 USD
CMA20 Reefer56/975 USD
CMA20 Reefer510>100 USD
CMA40 Reefer51/50 USD
CMA40 Reefer56/9100 USD
CMA40 Reefer510>125 USD
CMA40HC Reefer51/50 USD
CMA40HC Reefer56/9100 USD
CMA40HC Reefer510>125 USD
cosco2051/50 USD
cosco2056/1015 USD
cosco20511>25 USD
cosco4051/50 USD
cosco4056/1030 USD
cosco40511>50 USD
cosco40HC51/50 USD
cosco40HC56/1030 USD
cosco40HC511>50 USD
cosco20 Reefer31/30 USD
cosco20 Reefer34/1050 USD
cosco20 Reefer311>80 USD
cosco40 Reefer31/30 USD
cosco40 Reefer34/1080 USD
cosco40 Reefer311>105 USD
cosco40HC Reefer31/30 USD
cosco40HC Reefer34/1080 USD
cosco40HC Reefer311>105 USD
Hapag2031/30 VND
Hapag2034/5313,200 VND
Hapag2035/6626,400 VND
Hapag2036>940,400 VND
Hapag4031/30 VND
Hapag4034/5626,400 VND
Hapag4035/61,252,800 VND
Hapag4036>1,881,000 VND
Hapag40HC31/30 VND
Hapag40HC34/5626,400 VND
Hapag40HC35/61,252,800 VND
Hapag40HC36>1,881,000 VND
Hapag20 Reefer31/30 VND
Hapag20 Reefer34/51,169,280 VND
Hapag20 Reefer35>2,338,560 VND
Hapag40 Reefer31/30 VND
Hapag40 Reefer34/52,338,560 VND
Hapag40 Reefer35>4,677,120 VND
Hapag40HC Reefer31/30 VND
Hapag40HC Reefer34/52,338,560 VND
Hapag40HC Reefer35>4,677,120 VND
maersk2031/30 USD
maersk2034/711.4 USD
maersk2038/1420.9 USD
maersk20315-2941.8 USD
maersk20330+57 USD
maersk4031/30 USD
maersk4034/722.8 USD
maersk4038/1441.8 USD
maersk40315-2983.6 USD
maersk40330+114 USD
maersk40 Reefer31/30 USD
maersk40 Reefer34/722.8 USD
maersk40 Reefer38/1441.8 USD
maersk40 Reefer315-2983.6 USD
maersk40 Reefer330+114 USD
maersk40 Reefer31/30 USD
maersk40 Reefer34/775.6 USD
maersk40 Reefer38/1484.4 USD
maersk40 Reefer315-2984.4 USD
maersk40 Reefer330+84.4 USD
maersk20 Reefer31/30 USD
maersk20 Reefer34/775.6 USD
maersk20 Reefer38/1484.4 USD
maersk20 Reefer315-2984.4 USD
maersk20 Reefer330+84.4 USD

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