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Port Information

Address: Largo 4 de Fevereiro Luanda 1229 Angola

E-mail: portoluanda@snet.co.ao


Phone: 244 2 335975


Corporate Office: Largo 4 de Fevereiro Luanda 1229 Angola

Annual Cargo Tonnage:

Annual Container Volume:

Porto de Luanda is the second busiest seaport in Angola. The city’s commercial and industrial districts surround the deepwater port. Today’s main exports are petroleum, diamonds, fish products, and iron ore. Imports include iron and steel, coal, machinery, and flour.

Country Requirements & Restrictions
There are no unique Country Requirements / Restrictions for this port.You can always reach out to us directly in case of any further queries.

Number of free days

LineContainerStandard Free DaysslabsWeekly change %
CMA20201/200 USD
CMA202021-3025 USD
CMA202031-4550 USD
CMA202046>100 USD
CMA40201/200 USD
CMA402021-3050 USD
CMA402031-45100 USD
CMA402046>200 USD
CMA40HC201/200 USD
CMA40HC2021-3050 USD
CMA40HC2031-45100 USD
CMA40HC2046>200 USD
CMA20 Reefer101/100 USD
CMA20 Reefer1011/1550 USD
CMA20 Reefer1016-2080 USD
CMA20 Reefer1021-25100 USD
CMA20 Reefer1026>150 USD
CMA40 Reefer101/100 USD
CMA40 Reefer1011/15100 USD
CMA40 Reefer1016-20120 USD
CMA40 Reefer1021-25150 USD
CMA40 Reefer1026>200 USD
CMA40HC Reefer101/100 USD
CMA40HC Reefer1011/15100 USD
CMA40HC Reefer1016-20120 USD
CMA40HC Reefer1021-25150 USD
CMA40HC Reefer1026>200 USD
cosco20301/300 USD
cosco203031-4525 USD
cosco203046-6050 USD
cosco203061>100 USD
cosco40301/300 USD
cosco403031-4550 USD
cosco403046-60100 USD
cosco403061>200 USD
cosco40HC301/300 USD
cosco40HC3031-4550 USD
cosco40HC3046-60100 USD
cosco40HC3061>200 USD
cosco20 Reefer101/100 USD
cosco20 Reefer1011/2460 USD
cosco20 Reefer1025-34120 USD
cosco20 Reefer1035>240 USD
cosco40 Reefer101/100 USD
cosco40 Reefer1011/24120 USD
cosco40 Reefer1025-34240 USD
cosco40 Reefer1035>480 USD
cosco40HC Reefer101/100 USD
cosco40HC Reefer1011/24120 USD
cosco40HC Reefer1025-34240 USD
cosco40HC Reefer1035>480 USD
Hapag20150-150 USD
Hapag201515-3020 USD
Hapag201530>40 USD
Hapag40150-150 USD
Hapag401515-3040 USD
Hapag401530>80 USD
Hapag40HC150-150 USD
Hapag40HC1515-3040 USD
Hapag40HC1530>80 USD
Hapag20 Reefer100=100 USD
Hapag20 Reefer1011/2040 USD
Hapag20 Reefer1020>80 USD
Hapag40 Reefer100=100 USD
Hapag40 Reefer1011/2080 USD
Hapag40 Reefer1020>120 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer100=100 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer1011/2080 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer1020>120 USD

Country Requirements & Restrictions
Items prohibited from import into Angola include: • Animals and Plants - The Angolan Government prohibits the import of animals and animal by-products from areas affected by epizootic diseases and plants coming from areas affected by epiphytic disease. • “Morality”-related products – Certain distilled beverages, pornography, roulette and other gambling machines, and other goods specified by law. Despite this law, several casinos operate in Luanda. • Vehicles – Passenger vehicles more than 6 years from the manufacturing date are not permitted to be imported into Angola. Vehicles for industrial use such as trucks and those for transportation of more than 10 persons are only prohibited if older than 10 years from the manufacturing date. Biotechnology Products - Angola prohibits the import of viable transgenic grain or seed. The Ministry of Agriculture controls all agricultural imports and requires importers to present documentation certifying that their goods do not include biotechnology products. Transgenic food aid is permitted but must be milled. Biotechnology imports for scientific research are subject to regulations and controls established by the Ministry of Agriculture. • Imitations of national franchise formulas. • home-made or handmade medicines. • Food products that do not meet the conditions established by current legislation or that are in a poor state of conservation. • Used batteries and accumulators. • Retreaded or used tires. • Counterfeit Goods Goods requiring import licenses for specific Ministries include: • Pharmaceutical products for human use, saccharine and saccharine-derived products (Ministry of Health) • Radios, transmitters, receivers, and other devices (Ministry of Telecommunications); • Weapons, ammunitions, fireworks, and explosives (Ministry of Interior) • Plants, roots, bulbs, microbial cultures, buds, fruits, seeds, and crates and other packages containing these products (Ministry of Agriculture) • Fiscal or postal stamps (Ministry of Post and Telecommunications) • Poisonous and toxic substances and pharmaceuticals including animal vaccines (Ministries of Agriculture, Industry, and Health) • Samples or other goods imported for promotion and not commercial sale (Customs)

Number of free days

LineContainerStandard Free DaysslabsWeekly change %
CMA20151/150 USD
CMA201516-3025 USD
CMA201531-4550 USD
CMA201546>100 USD
CMA40151/150 USD
CMA401516-3050 USD
CMA401531-45100 USD
CMA401546>200 USD
CMA40HC151/150 USD
CMA40HC1516-3050 USD
CMA40HC1531-45100 USD
CMA40HC1546>200 USD
CMA20 Reefer71/70 USD
CMA20 Reefer78/1560 USD
CMA20 Reefer716-20110 USD
CMA20 Reefer720>160 USD
CMA40 Reefer71/70 USD
CMA40 Reefer78/15120 USD
CMA40 Reefer716-20220 USD
CMA40 Reefer720>320 USD
CMA40HC Reefer71/70 USD
CMA40HC Reefer78/15120 USD
CMA40HC Reefer716-20220 USD
CMA40HC Reefer720>320 USD
safmarine20 dry150-150 USD
safmarine20 dry1516-3025 USD
safmarine20 dry1531-4550 USD
safmarine20 dry1545>100 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC150-150 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC1516-3050 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC1531-45100 USD
safmarineDry40 & 40HC1545>200 USD
safmarine20 reefer70-70 USD
safmarine20 reefer78/1560 USD
safmarine20 reefer716-30120 USD
safmarine20 reefer730>180 USD
safmarine40 reefer70-70 USD
safmarine40 reefer78/15120 USD
safmarine40 reefer716-30240 USD
safmarine40 reefer730>360 USD
cosco20151/150 USD
cosco201516-3025 USD
cosco201531-4550 USD
cosco201546>100 USD
cosco40151/150 USD
cosco401516-3050 USD
cosco401531-45100 USD
cosco401546>200 USD
cosco40HC151/150 USD
cosco40HC1516-3050 USD
cosco40HC1531-45100 USD
cosco40HC1546>200 USD
cosco20 Reefer71/70 USD
cosco20 Reefer78/1560 USD
cosco20 Reefer716-30120 USD
cosco20 Reefer731>240 USD
cosco40 Reefer71/70 USD
cosco40 Reefer78/15120 USD
cosco40 Reefer716-30240 USD
cosco40 Reefer731>480 USD
cosco40HC Reefer71/70 USD
cosco40HC Reefer78/15120 USD
cosco40HC Reefer716-30240 USD
cosco40HC Reefer731>480 USD
Hapag20150-150 USD
Hapag201516-3020 USD
Hapag201530-4540 USD
Hapag201545>80 USD
Hapag40150-150 USD
Hapag401516-3040 USD
Hapag401530-4580 USD
Hapag401545>160 USD
Hapag40HC150-150 USD
Hapag40HC1516-3040 USD
Hapag40HC1530-4580 USD
Hapag40HC1545>160 USD
Hapag20 Reefer70-70 USD
Hapag20 Reefer78/1550 USD
Hapag20 Reefer716-30100 USD
Hapag20 Reefer730>150 USD
Hapag40 Reefer70-70 USD
Hapag40 Reefer78/15100 USD
Hapag40 Reefer716-30150 USD
Hapag40 Reefer730>200 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer70-70 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer78/15100 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer716-30150 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer730>200 USD

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