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Address: Beregovaya str., 11, Yuzhnyi, Odessa region, 65481, Ukraine

E-mail: ods@yuz.uspa.gov.ua


Phone: #ERROR!


Corporate Office:

Annual Cargo Tonnage: 47.5 M tonnes

Annual Container Volume:

One of the leading ports on the Black Sea the port of "Pivdennyi" was founded on 27 July1978, when the first ship "Bulduru" moored for loading with ammonia. Today, the port is one of the most promising hubs of Ukraine, which is located on the banks of Ajalyk estuary in the north-west coast of the Black Sea. This is a harbor of promising enterprises that can provide handling of more than 47.5 million tons of various cargoes per year.

Country Requirements & Restrictions
According to the Customs Code the declarant or his authorized representative should provide in the customs declaration the information on: documents certifying the authority of the person submitting the customs declaration; foreign trade agreement (contract) or other documents confirming the right of possession, use and / or disposal of goods; transportation documents; commercial documents available to the person submitting the declaration; if necessary, documents confirming compliance with non-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity; documents confirming compliance with the restrictions arising from the use of protective, antidumping and countervailing measures (if such restrictions exist); in certain cases documents confirming the country of origin; if necessary, documents confirming the payment and / or secured payment of customs duties; if applicable, documents confirming the right to benefits for customs duties payment, full or partial exemption from customs duties under the chosen customs regime; and if necessary, documents confirming the change of customs duties payment terms;

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Country Requirements & Restrictions
Items subject to import controls include: Certain plant protection products, CFCs, blank and fingerprint monitoring, weapons and other items generally subject to prohibition or licensing requirements Depending on the code of goods in Ukrainian Classification of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity some products may require prior approval, be subject to sanitary and epidemiological control, veterinary control, phytosanitary control or environmental control. The complete list of products with respective control requirement is available at http://zakon3.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/452-2012-%D0%BF Imported products are subject to radiological control which is, in most cases, performed at the customs.A Certificate of Origin is required when preferential customs duty rates are applied, when certain quantitative restrictions on movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine are applied, and if it is required by Ukrainian law or international treaties.

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