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Puerto Quetzal (GTPRQ)

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Port Information

Address: Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

E-mail: mercadeo@puerto-quetzal.com




Corporate Office: Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Annual Cargo Tonnage:

Annual Container Volume:

Puerto Quetzal is located on the southwestern Pacific Ocean coast of Guatemala about 55 kilometers northwest of the border with El Salvador. It is Guatemala’s biggest Pacific Ocean port, important for both cargo and as a stop-over for cruise passengers, located about five kilometers east of Guatemala’s Port of San Jose.

Country Requirements & Restrictions
There are no unique Country Requirements / Restrictions for this port.You can always reach out to us directly in case of any further queries.

Number of free days

LineContainerStandard Free DaysslabsWeekly change %
CMA20141/140 USD
CMA201415>80 USD
CMA40141/140 USD
CMA401415>100 USD
CMA40HC141/140 USD
CMA40HC1415>100 USD
CMA20 Reefer51/50 USD
CMA20 Reefer56>150 USD
CMA40 Reefer51/50 USD
CMA40 Reefer56>150 USD
CMA40HC Reefer51/50 USD
CMA40HC Reefer56>150 USD
cosco20151/150 USD
cosco201516>60 USD
cosco40151/150 USD
cosco401516>80 USD
cosco40HC151/150 USD
cosco40HC1516>80 USD
cosco20 Reefer101/100 USD
cosco20 Reefer1011>100 USD
cosco40 Reefer101/100 USD
cosco40 Reefer1011>100 USD
cosco40HC Reefer101/100 USD
cosco40HC Reefer1011>100 USD
Hapag2091/90 USD
Hapag20910/1970 USD
Hapag20920>95 USD
Hapag4091/90 USD
Hapag40910/1970 USD
Hapag40920>100 USD
Hapag40HC91/90 USD
Hapag40HC910/1970 USD
Hapag40HC920>100 USD
Hapag20 Reefer51/50 USD
Hapag20 Reefer56/10115 USD
Hapag20 Reefer511>125 USD
Hapag40 Reefer51/50 USD
Hapag40 Reefer56/10115 USD
Hapag40 Reefer511>125 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer51/50 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer56/10115 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer511>125 USD

Country Requirements & Restrictions
Surgical devices that require an inscription are intended for cutting the skin or a membrane, or which touch blood, such as syringes or finger pricks. Devices such as anesthetics and asthmatic inhalers, high pressure measuring apparatus, laser-guided apparatus and others do not require an inscription. These would be classified under medical equipment and supplies and undergo normal customs clearance procedures. Pharmaceutical products, including but not limited to specialty pharmaceuticals, homeopathic, radiopharmaceutical, supplements, biological, biotechnology and allergens require a Sanitary permit to be imported and commercialized in Guatemala. A simplified list of requirements for obtaining a sanitary permit is below: * 1. Fill and submit the appropriate forms in original and duplicate 2. Product formula and composition (mention both common and scientific names) (using appropriate form) 3. Sanitary license, valid or prior license (usually from FDA or PAHO) 4. Legalized copy of the Trade Mark registry 5. Free Sale Certificate from the country of origin; CBL approved by a recognized organization such as the OMS 6. Monograph study, when it is a new product 7. Product description 8. Product specifications 9. Method of analysis used 10. Packaging materials used (a sample), originals and copy 11. Instructions on label in Spanish 12. Copy of contract (in case of manufacture under drawback or “maquila” law) 13. Stability study for products with 24 months life expectancy or more, according to product 14. Samples 15. Bio-equivalence study, when applied 16. Standard of raw material of active principle/s for new molecules 17. Copy of the Sanitary License of the local distributor 18. All foreign language documents must be legally translated into Spanish.

Number of free days

LineContainerStandard Free DaysslabsWeekly change %
CMA20101/100 USD
CMA201011/1585 USD
CMA201016>102 USD
CMA40101/100 USD
CMA401011/15100 USD
CMA401016>112 USD
CMA40HC101/100 USD
CMA40HC1011/15100 USD
CMA40HC1016>112 USD
CMA20 Reefer21/20 USD
CMA20 Reefer23/7120 USD
CMA20 Reefer28>140 USD
CMA40 Reefer21/20 USD
CMA40 Reefer23/7120 USD
CMA40 Reefer28>140 USD
CMA40HC Reefer21/20 USD
CMA40HC Reefer23/7120 USD
CMA40HC Reefer28>140 USD
cosco20101/100 USD
cosco201011/1580 USD
cosco201016>95 USD
cosco40101/100 USD
cosco401011/15100 USD
cosco401016>115 USD
cosco40HC101/100 USD
cosco40HC1011/15100 USD
cosco40HC1016>115 USD
cosco20 Reefer51/50 USD
cosco20 Reefer56>120 USD
cosco40 Reefer51/50 USD
cosco40 Reefer56>120 USD
cosco40HC Reefer51/50 USD
cosco40HC Reefer56>120 USD
Hapag20101/100 USD
Hapag201011/15100 USD
Hapag201016>120 USD
Hapag40101/100 USD
Hapag401011/15110 USD
Hapag401016>120 USD
Hapag40HC101/100 USD
Hapag40HC1011/15110 USD
Hapag40HC1016>120 USD
Hapag20 Reefer51/50 USD
Hapag20 Reefer56>155 USD
Hapag40 Reefer51/50 USD
Hapag40 Reefer56>190 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer51/50 USD
Hapag40HC Reefer56>190 USD

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